Discovery Workshop

Discovery Workshop

This collaborative engagement identifies the information architecture, technology, and process requirements for successfully supporting your business goals. The service includes a three-day on-site workshop with participation from all content development and delivery stakeholders. Based upon analysis, workshop discovery, and follow-up meetings, our expert provides a report (35-40 pages) that summarizes the business goals and challenges, identifies measurements for success, and recommends specific actions for your team to make measurable progress. 


To participate in this hands-on workshop, you must prepare as follows:

  • Identify stakeholders for project, verify that they have a basic understanding the project goals, and schedule them to attend the session. 
  • Identify project goals and high-level project schedule.
  • Provide the following at least 10 days prior to start of session:
    • Sample of files (source and generated output)
    • Currently defined requirements
    • Current corporate standards
    • Current content development process information
  • Provide a conference room for the on-site session


On-site at client location.

Direct Rate Packages:

  • Fixed price: $14,000
  • DITA Strategies partners, please contact us for pricing
  • One on-site trip required. Estimated travel costs: $2,000 per visit (west coast); $2,500 (other)