DITA Implementation Workshop

DITA Implementation Workshop

Based on your company’s business requirements, our DITA expert leads your stakeholders through the process for identifying the information architecture support, including the proper subset of the DITA elements, selecting the appropriate reuse mechanisms, and designing the topic and map support. In addition, we identify the requirements for selecting and implementing technology support, including authoring, reviewing, managing, localizing, publishing, and delivering content as well as the process requirements. 

The workshop includes preparation, a collaborative three-day onsite event, and follow-up discussion. Based upon analysis, workshop discovery, and follow-up meetings, our expert writes a report (35-40 pages) that summarizes the business goals and challenges, identifies measurements for success, and outlines the recommended implementation phases, starting with a pilot project. 


To be participate in this hands-on workshop, you must prepare as follows:

  • Identify stakeholders for project, verify that they have a basic understanding the project goals, and schedule them to attend the session.
  • Identify project goals and high-level project schedule.
  • Provide the following at least 10 days prior to start of session:
    • Sample of files (source and generated output)
    • Currently defined requirements
    • Current corporate standards
    • Current content development process information
  • Provide a conference room for the on-site session


On-site at client location

Direct Rate Packages: 

  • Fixed price: $31,250
  • DITA Strategies partners, please contact us for pricing
  • Two on-site trips required. Estimated travel costs: $2,000 per visit (west coast); $2,500 (other)