In an increasingly digitized world, users flood content stores with billions and billions of bits of information. Finding the right result can be like finding a needle in an acre-sized haystack. The solution is taxonomy. In order for information to be easily found, navigation menus need to make sense and your search engine needs to provide the right results. Taxonomy not only provides the backbone for digital navigation, but also powers successful filtering. But how do you use taxonomy? How might you recognize existing taxonomies at your company? And what can you do to optimize your taxonomies?

In this webinar, Amber Swope and Boris Roberto Aguilar define taxonomy, demonstrate best practices, and caution pitfalls to avoid. If you want to optimize taxonomies in your own organization, consider booking five or ten hours with Amber Swope for consulting or coaching.

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This webinar is designed for users of all levels, from beginners to experts.


  • Amber Swope, DITA Strategist, DITA Strategies Inc.
  • Boris Roberto Aguilar, Customer Success Manager, IXIASOFT

This webinar is part of IXIAsoft's IXIAtalks webinar series.